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List of Rules and Regs for Skyline Importation

Old 08-27-2006, 03:30 PM
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List of Rules and Regs for Skyline Importation

Since it seems that the information on the LEGAL importation of the nissan skyline into the US is scattered all over these forums, I thought it would be a good idea to try and put them into order in one nice thread. Here is a current list of links to the DOT/NHTSA/EPA sites with information pertaining to the importation of either specifically the Nissan Skyline, or the general information of vehicle importation of vehicles NOT manufactured in the US. These are the FACTS in black and white. Please do not post too many comments here, however feel free to post any link I may have left out, or any new ones as they become available.

Some key information to remember before going nuts on trying to import a nissan skyline to US soil:

1. Just because a company is listed as an Registered Importer and is able to bring in a Nissan Skyline by law, DOES NOT mean said company can make that car street legal.

2. Importing a Nissan Skyline as a so-called "Kit Car" is NOT legal. (just read the link to the reg on this page)

3. Mororex is now defunct and can no longer import skylines.

List of all Registered Importers (updated regularly by the NHTSA):


Importation and Certification FAQ'a from NHTSA:


NHTSA vehicle eligibility List:


Importing vehicles and engines as outlined by the EPA:


Non Resident, Returning Military, and Returning Official Government Employee Importations of Personal Vehicle for Personal Use:


For those of you living in California and have to deal with CARB:


EPA Kit Car Policy:


Personal Note: These are the FACTS as stated on these links by government agencies. I would love to see the Nissan Skyline available for street use in the US without the hassle of all the BS. However, I am for obeying the law, and in so doing, it would be illegal to import a skyline at this time and drive it on the road. I want one so bad it hurts, but I'm not willing to take the chance of having my car confiscated and either shipped back to japan, or demolished. Spending the kind of money you would on getting one here would not be worth it. You have the potential to lose over $40K easy. I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't part with that kind of money very easily.

Only Legal way to own a Nissan Skyline for legal road use:

1. Find a legal sale of a previously motorex made legal skyline.

2. Wait for the new GTR to become availble.

3. Wait for the 25 year law on vehicle importation to come around.

That's it people. Good Luck! Drive Safe! Do It Right!! (and legal)

(if I have missed anything, just ad a reply with the link attached)
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Good work.

This needs to be a sticky.

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i dont mean to start trouble but the fourth way to get a skyline is to get an ici(Independent Commercial Importer) who is licensed by the epa and dot to perform the needed conversions. this is a list provided by the epa.


if you think i am just blowing smoke look at this email i sent to j.k technologies in baltimore. they are the real deal license holders to convert the the r33 gtr 1/1/96 to 98 which is stated on the importable car list. if you do some research you will find out that j.k either bought the proprietary information from motorex or supplied it. check out the name across the windshield of the r34. the following are links to facts not fiction.


From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 4:03 PM
[email protected]
Subject: Re: importing car

EPA and DOT are required and many structural modifications and changes depending on equipment and condition. Needs two airbags. Be happy to help and will cost about 25-30k depending on again, condition and equipment. Thanks! JK

In a message dated 5/30/2006 9:47:11 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, [email protected] writes:
i live about 15 minutes north of you in towson, md. and i am interested in importing a 1996 - 1998 bcnr33 skyline. i have done some research and found out that these models are available for import to the u.s. would you be willing to work with me on this? if so, please email me with information. i could also meet with you if needed.
chris ellis

J.K. Technologies, L.L.C.
3500 Sweet Air Street
Baltimore, MD 21211
(410) 366-6332
(410) 366-7655 fax
[email protected]

In conclusion this is your best source for a skyline into the us and it is possible. But some of you think it is easier just to say NO than it is get up and research the facts. now, if you can prove me wrong then i will never post again. thank you

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Just about everythings there shadz but:

The Race car and the show car exclusion:


While any year GT-R (Except Z tune) can be brought in under this rule it is very difficult, and easier done with a rare GT-R.(Example: 400R, Nismo GT-R, or the Group A race cars)

J&K originaly did the orignal crash testing and petiton on behalf of MotoRex. They were partners. So the've had the data all along.

If you look at some of the pictures on the crash test data, you can actually see Sean Morris, who worked for MotoRex at the time.

J&K can do all the conversion work except 1 major part of it. They have yet to come up with a working OBD2 system, which is a EPA requirement. They were suposed to develop it for MotoRex but never did.
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The much touted "Kit Car" method is illegal, and could result in eventual seizure or forfeiture of your car and possible criminal penalties or fines. The tidbit below is from the "Kit Car policy" on the EPA page.


4. The production, sale and importation of vehicle parts (engines, transmissions, chassis, vehicle bodies, etc.) are not regulated by EPA because parts are not considered motor vehicles under the Clean Air Act. However if the parts constitute a disassembled vehicle or an approximate disassembled vehicle, the combination is considered a motor vehicle under the Clean Air Act. Any attempt to use this policy to circumvent the Clean Air Act or the Imports regulations will be considered a violation of the Clean Air Act and will be strictly enforced. An example of such circumvention is:
A kit car maker who also provides the engine and transmission before or after production/importation of the body/chassis.

5. "Motor vehicles" must comply with the Clean Air Act and may not be disassembled nor purchased in a disassembled form for the purposes of evading the Clean Air Act or the Imports regulations. In these situations the kit car body/chassis combination must be certified by the manufacturer, must be in a configuration which was previously certified by EPA subject to the guidelines discussed at "2" above or, in the case of an importation, an EPA form 3520-1 must be filed at the port of entry and the vehicle imported by an eligible ICI who must ensure that the kit car body/chassis complies with all applicable emission requirements. At the present time, there are no ICIs eligible to import kit cars.


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