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Mike Valencia's R32 GTR Build thread "Tanya"

Old 03-26-2015, 11:15 PM
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Mike Valencia's R32 GTR Build thread "Tanya"

Hello everyone, it's about time I start the build thread for my newly acquired 1990 Gun Metal Grey R32 Nissan Skyline GTR.

I found this car through Rivsu Imports, it was someone's personal car who worked for Rivsu so I got kinda lucky and got him to sell it to me. Anyways the car is pretty Mint condition and is very lightly modded just like I wanted, it has a slew of Nismo parts, Mines tuned ECU, cat back exhaust system etc etc, and to top it off it has only 79,320 miles! With working a/c too, I'm so thankful for it! I've waited a long time for this car to come into my life, ever since I was a kid, I knew one day that I would have one. And now that I have the privilege to finally own one I am soo honored and thankful for this opportunity to enjoy such an amazing piece of iconic Japanese history!

I've already paid for her and named her "Tanya", I figured since the car is already there and they have the original paint there in stock I might as well get them to paint match the un painted oem front lip and repair a small blemish on the fender as well. So I have to wait till that is finished before I can pay to have her transported here to Houston texas. Lookin like she will be here in about a week or two. I can't wait!!

Anyways Here are the pics of her:

Name:  C3AB80A7-43CB-457D-832D-59AE07FE867A_zpshgdrgnyb.jpg
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Name:  F4555AC4-C784-454A-A0F9-845ED1CD2846_zpsldmxotdq.jpg
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Name:  E4D25C59-641F-451F-A50B-F66A0B41F34E_zpsjebgg0m9.jpg
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Name:  831111A9-C427-406C-A214-A6AB49295303_zpspaclxtna.jpg
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Name:  C98D6046-4E53-44BA-95D1-7DEF14DEE028_zpshi9mtqgi.jpg
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Name:  1A2F2B12-E776-4857-BDE2-5E34B17E19ED_zpspsrokf8x.jpg
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Name:  EDCF6F13-6986-4AE4-99AC-97E97E176FFE_zpsmwreboqc.jpg
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Name:  8A3EA1F4-3265-4A6F-BEE8-288C1E907321_zpsfny3hpgg.jpg
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Name:  2CC914AE-6F61-4FFE-9A72-BA6027DF03A5_zpsnde0x7xd.jpg
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Old 04-09-2015, 06:45 AM
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Well she's out of the paint booth from getting the front lip paint matched to the rest of the car and had to fix a small ding on the fender. She'll be here in Houston on or before April 18th! =)

Name:  229292DE-DB84-4BD0-8FB7-659BEBE97E54_zpsfiskgxup.jpg
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Name:  4AA410A3-5DC3-41A0-8A11-9AD9663C7BAF_zpsxbv4ijjb.jpg
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Old 04-17-2015, 04:47 AM
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Well it's for sure now, I booked a flight to Florida to go pick up my GTR myself, we'll be in Orlando by 2pm on Saturday april 18th. And Gonna be swinging by Rivsu around 4ishpm
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Old 05-12-2015, 10:45 PM
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Got my new plates for the GTR!! 😀

Name:  54680657-E025-4320-AE17-D95B2B11C9E0_zpsipzsedsy.jpg
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Old 05-19-2015, 04:22 PM
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amazing how clean it is for how old it is.
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Old 05-26-2015, 08:37 PM
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Really been enjoying this car a lot recently, now that I have the plates and registration sticker I drive it whenever I want. Here are a few shots im posting here in my thread so they'll stay here if I ever need to look for them again. All these pics were taken by other people not myself.

Here are a few that were taken up at the local Ricer Wednesday meets

Name:  CD4BAFC3-590C-442C-9EA5-2DB3213DA797_zpsajggiwwq.jpg
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Name:  18BBC3DF-3163-421F-B608-6C065E8812F9_zps8ga7riyb.jpg
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Name:  C26CC709-876B-4ED3-995F-EA3D140649C0_zpshn0awern.jpg
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Name:  FCF7DB24-143D-4FC4-ABBA-E9599B603EC4_zpsnskzywwu.jpg
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And here's a bit of Survey/GTR action

Name:  0E5A3A3D-092E-43EC-A709-08C689DAD958.png_zpsxvkgycyg.jpeg
Views: 969
Size:  165.9 KB

And these were taken up at the Wheels for Adam charity event at the Sugarland Town Center

Name:  3B3B2269-F6BF-4305-947E-29CA88E1C388_zps3nixzyl8.jpg
Views: 1011
Size:  61.3 KB

Name:  47A06449-0265-434D-BED2-46D0C684FCB6_zpsnlwfit7k.jpg
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Name:  C9B6DECE-4314-4CF2-8564-E41B391B7471_zpsty2c65bs.jpg
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Name:  3FAB2958-FDEB-4245-BE30-D0B7F6232BF9_zpsh7wwqxgu.jpg
Views: 991
Size:  75.5 KB

And here she is up at the Ride N Shine in Cinco Ranch

Name:  60409CA6-7E36-4FC2-AE15-D545181B9B4D_zps31epzdx3.jpg
Views: 956
Size:  72.3 KB

Name:  7E6C4D26-EB1A-4157-ACEA-5FCAEDF3CF0A_zpssunminde.jpg
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Name:  AB0C05E4-3763-4A13-BD14-B87890AF1902_zpswwbxpgsr.jpg
Views: 1039
Size:  72.2 KB

One I took

Name:  1DAA162F-11D4-4AD5-97A8-BAFDA01D4C27_zpskjfeqsyt.png
Views: 992
Size:  1.02 MB

And some taken up at All Team Bash this past Sunday

Name:  F006382B-79B7-431E-9782-8F5438BF3016_zpsiqfgxpon.jpg
Views: 977
Size:  63.2 KB

Name:  B8C119B3-2E36-4A62-A9C0-ED3E57D7E79B_zpsfajwuxhs.jpg
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Name:  CA0BF696-3407-402A-A716-2696B77BE981_zpsl0ju0asd.jpg
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Name:  DEA0C0A8-D493-4C69-AA09-D69FD35409DF_zps7jxrnixi.jpg
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Name:  2F82D959-8D5A-426F-AD25-9598955A057A_zpsaageuqjl.jpg
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Name:  F5BE8FEE-75CB-4172-9C2A-A24FE88DB198_zpszlxordtg.jpg
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Old 06-03-2015, 10:15 PM
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Had a great time tonight at a local wednesday gathering of cars called the Rice Box meet! All the people that I asked to show up actually showed up, thank you guys for coming out tonight I really appreciate it 😊 I got 5 Skylines and a Toyota Soarer GT 2.5 twin turbo to make it out Tonight. Was a great turn out.

Name:  5DBD1C09-BFD5-457E-A7E6-D391A51480C6_zpsq11hgfkr.jpg
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Name:  B1A10C8F-C243-433E-A0CD-AC73DE52FC78_zps75nmcgah.jpg
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Name:  B343882F-32B6-4E95-AC87-6F9056A2BF6C_zpsx3evcmyl.jpg
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Name:  5D7F471B-2643-48A4-AD18-E32844BE088E_zpspj4o81mq.jpg
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Name:  D9AD32B5-D61E-41DE-A54E-6C49FC02F246_zpsd1ffrxjm.jpg
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Name:  1061BB7F-AFAD-4AB0-9D05-496B2CDED846_zpswqbmgb1m.jpg
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Name:  45FB8802-BEC8-48F5-BDF5-85E4A17974EA_zpspclpani7.jpg
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Name:  9A087FB3-CDBF-4179-8B54-30DFA7509E6C_zps3hbjtbpj.jpg
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Name:  0B1A2815-D03C-4AF1-822A-DF444F6B637D_zpsm7hr9prm.jpg
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Name:  DD73DD19-A2F9-4621-B973-0C2944ABCB90_zpsrzea83y4.jpg
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Name:  3567C3C4-F53B-491F-BDBF-471ACAEC2404_zpsr5jqfepf.jpg
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Name:  29D0163E-82C6-45F3-A5F4-5772CBDCF7E2_zpsgbwep5al.jpg
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Name:  6ACD2555-0953-4101-9F9B-8BDCEAC21048_zpsar7lacbh.jpg
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Old 07-15-2015, 07:20 AM
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Couple epic shots from last month. Glad everyone came out.

Name:  39B2793D-780E-4FFD-B9B7-30916B31ECF5_zpsokhkdhe0.jpg
Views: 1024
Size:  217.4 KB

Name:  BFAF0742-1838-48FA-B250-FC88C6960979_zpswgrcg8wn.jpg
Views: 1018
Size:  203.6 KB

Name:  020D3444-0760-44FD-8B6A-050CEA6EEEC6_zpsbe22uf7r.jpg
Views: 953
Size:  215.7 KB

Name:  2CF00A0B-BA5B-4496-8980-0FD581FCC757_zpsao237lrb.jpg
Views: 965
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Name:  3F946FE6-9BD2-4C89-9CBB-AA9B1D35C143_zpsndh2ofss.jpg
Views: 1022
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Name:  82590B80-5AE4-4559-A704-AF3404F09DA1_zpsbasow9pr.jpg
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Old 07-27-2015, 08:11 AM
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Got my wheels for the VR4 and the GTR!

The black ones are for the VR4 and they are Work Meister S1 3-piece in 18X8.5 +37

And the other ones are Nismo LMGT1's made by Rays Engineering in 18X9.5 +14 aka "GTR Size"

Big thanks to Garage Nowin for the wheels.

Name:  C88942E4-E2F3-4234-9086-B8451BFB14DE_zpsfnd4y3eo.png
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Name:  25AE36F5-D0A9-47F9-8C7C-5578AEDB6159_zpsjf3npre0.jpg
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Name:  3CAC1A00-DA63-40CA-98FC-FF838E9D0517_zps2hgjpozd.jpg
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Old 07-29-2015, 08:10 PM
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Their finally on!!! Been waiting for this for a while. Nismo LMGT1's wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport's.

Name:  A53D93A0-B6C2-4DDB-AC34-A97728BB4276_zps7brx7szu.jpg
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Name:  1AF2771C-CBB1-4ACD-B2B1-28B223A72986_zpskpbg0gpw.jpg
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Name:  6C8119E0-9362-420B-816F-5488C0877362_zpsueawq5zy.jpg
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