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Crashed :(

Old 05-23-2005, 06:47 PM
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Crashed :(

So I finally got my Skyline on the road on Thursday. Saturday I was driving down the road, doing the speed limit, not driving like a jackass at all. Some lady pulls out from a stop sign right in front of me at the last second, and bam! bye bye Skyline

I'll know soon enough what the insurance company is going to do, but I'm guessing it's a write off. The frame is pretty messed up, as well as the A pillar and roof.
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Old 05-23-2005, 08:55 PM
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that is fu$#%king depressing. wow. i don't know what to say. that makes me want to cry.

fix it. you went through monumental trouble to get it in the first place. if they total it, tell them thank you but i'm going to keep it.
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Old 05-23-2005, 09:47 PM
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I can't believe it. With only 2 days of ownership!!

I hope you're alright.
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Old 05-24-2005, 06:09 AM
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Holy crap mate, thats terrible!!!!, what was the speed limit btw, thats some pretty extensive damage?
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Old 05-25-2005, 04:36 AM
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Gutted for you mate ....So sad to see
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Old 05-25-2005, 06:43 PM
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ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... i really feel for you man, i'm cringing just thinking about it. stay positive dude.
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Old 05-25-2005, 10:42 PM
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OUCH - that looked mint and in such a rare colour too that really suits the car. My condolences and I hope you have the opportunity to source another if it comes to that.

I don't want to be the first vulture on the scene but if you end up buying the written off car to part it out let me know......:-(
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Old 05-27-2005, 02:16 PM
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Look on the bright side, the engine is still good, or at least it looks like it should be good. I would keep it, anyway possible. Those parts are not cheap on that car.
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Old 05-29-2005, 04:16 AM
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Gutted for you mate. I know how you feel, I wrecked one (R33 GT-R) last year. Chin up though chief and you'll be back on the road soon enough.

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Old 05-29-2005, 04:55 PM
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Thanks for the positive comments guys.

I was traveling at 60 kmh at the time. The lady basically pulled out at the last second, all I could do was try to move to the left to get out of the way. You can kinda see from the pictures that my front bumper didn't take much of the impact at all, the driver's wheel got it all. That's why it's pushed back so far.

As for repairs, the car is not fixable. The frame is mangled, twisted and bent underneath. The A-pillar is bent outwards, same thing with the roof on the driver's side. If you look closely at the first pic you'll be able to see it. The bent A-pillar also cracked the windshield up pretty bad.

The car will be written off, which is actually a good deal for me. If the car was fixable it would take a very long time to get it all back together, and even then it wouldn't drive the same ever again.

I'm going to buy back the written-off car and part it out. The engine and transmission will go for sure, but I'd like to keep a decen amount for it as a parts car.

I'll be importing another one either this fall or next spring. It's just such a shame that I see all these nice Skylines on the streets now, and I could be one of those lucky guys.

Ah well, it'll work out in the long run I guess..
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