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fallacy of speeding and fatalities

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fallacy of speeding and fatalities

in western countries, it is statiscally true, and has been such, that less than 2% of fatalities on the road are actually due to speeding.

the inflated death figures from the government, 30%, 40%, are skewed and creatively arrived at to promote a "speed kills" paradigm, created to justify revenue collection from violations.

the other 98%+ is from what, then?

a change of focus by motorists, redirecting their attention from getting safely to their destinations, to, instead, watching out for speed cameras --which they know are not for safety purposes.

they are also watching their speedometers which diverts their attention from the road.

they are talking on cell phones.

they are struck by a DUI motorist, or are themselves drunk.

they are unable to control their vehicles, ie, they cannot drive. very often, it is the overly-defensive driver, the one who hesitates, panicks, overall does not flow with conditions, that creates fatalities. a sudden lane change of one going 35mph, not paying attention, is then run down by one going 90+mph, as are a dozen other cars in the immediate area, all travelilng swiftly and safely along. it was not the speed of the 90+ driver that killed, it was the slowness and stupidity of the 35mph driver that killed.

speeding can also involve traveling too fast for the *prevailing conditions,* despite traveling *under* the posted speed limit. this means that road crash data from below the speed limit can be included under the definition of "speeding."

for more information, visit:
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Over here in Blighty the government has dropped that particular line of bullshine

Two good sources of info are the

Association of British Drivers



One of the Gov's propaganda successes is that they were able to fudge the difference between Driving over the speed limit and driving too fast for the conditions.

Any help required let me know

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we should have no speed limit like the germans. but we should also adopt their punishment system, caught speeding lose car, caught DUI license suspended 20+ years.
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the germans do have sections of speedless highway, at the same time, there are sections that are limited and they are heavily guarded by cops, they also face very very high penalties, which seems to be good

so many places on the road where its long and straight and going faster is so tempting

i could easily SAFELY shave an hour off my 6 hour drive to school
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