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Import Racer: "Exhaust Note"

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Import Racer: "Exhaust Note"

Import Racer has a couple interesting articles on the next GTR that I would like to share with everyone. It doesn't contain any new info that we haven't read already, but it should be interesting to read.

Here's the first one:

Source: Import Racer

Exhaust Note
By: Tyrone Rodriguez

Call me crazy, but I had this monthís editorial done in its entirety. It was set, good to go, ready for Lanís Quark touch. Then, I remembered something, this monthís cover car. Or should I say cover concept, the 2007 Nissan GT-R. Itís one of our less traditional cover pieces, but smokiní. I felt compelled to talk about the biggest news for Nissan in over 30 years Ė even better, after I finished it, Word crashed and deleted my file. I hate computer gremlins.

What relevance does this Japanese supercar have to Import Racer? A ton. Upon its worldwide release the GT-R will redefine Nissan. It was herald the return of the Japanese super sports cars and change imports forever. The moniker GT-R might be worthy of more admiration then even the Nissan brand itself. If so, the automotive world will be shell-shocked when the AWD, two-door masterpiece makes its grand appearance.

A remarkable amount of speculation from fans and insiders has fueled the Internet for some time. Do a quick search on GT-R Concept and youíll see exactly what has been brewing on this future monster. It was huge news when Nissan retired the Skyline GT-R (R34, for short) and Silvia (S15) simultaneously in 2002. Along with the chassis went the fearsome inline-six, twin-turbo engine (RB26DETT). Word is that increasingly strict Japanese emissions led to the demise of the engine. A few bolt-ons and the engine wouldnít pass the sniffer test. In the long run it would cost Nissan more money to detune, reengineer and redesign a power plant that was developed in the mid-80s. All that effort would be better spent on furthering development of a newer, cleaner running engine, one that could last another 10 years. One of the biggest questions remains. What power plant will the next GT-R use?

Advancements in technology have led to engines that have the ability to produce 300 horses and still earn 30 miles per gallon. Most future GT-R owners would be happy with 20 miles per gallon and another 100 ponies. With so much cash infused into the Super GT racing project it would make a whole lot of sense to use that as a test bed for future production cars. That was the cause when Infiniti developed the 4.5L V-8 for IRL. The mill later appeared in the FX45, M45 and flagship Q45. It was believed that the GT-R would get the V-8, but the Skyline has never had that many cylinders and, unless it comes in as an Infiniti, it doesnít fit the formula. Check out the Nismo cars, they all run a double-boosted VQ engine. It has less displacement than the current 350z, but the RB26DETT also had less displacement than the 3.0L V-6 (VG30DETT) used in the final 300ZX. A sophisticated yet de-tuned derivative of this engine might be the one for the GT-R.

Nissan prez Carlos Ghosn gave his word; the world will see a GT-R in 2007. Thus far the man has an impeccable track record, bringing Nissan into the black ahead of schedule, while improving brand image and producing better vehicles. Okay, so answer us this, is that calendar year 2007 or model year? If itís calendar year, weíre still two years away and the GT-R will bow in as a í07 or early 2008 model. However, if itís model year 2007 then the GT-R could appear next year. Thatís not likely, but still possible. VP of Design Shirow Nakamura admitted to us that design on the GT-R is nearly complete; even so, Nissan needs as much time as possible to put the wraps on this beast. If the project is nearing its end then Nissan will be ready to show the vehicle very soon.

My guess for the world debut of the GT-R, or some GT-R Concept, is the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show. This biennial show has to be the place to display the car, it makes too much sense. Only Geneva or Frankfurt holds more clout when it comes to the world of concept cars. Geneva would be the obvious choice, but not here. The GT-R is very close to the hearts of Japanese enthusiasts. Revealing the supercar outside of Japan would be a straight-up insult. Okay, we have it established that TMS would be the ideal place for royalty to return. If TMS is the show then 2005 has to be the year. 2007 will be almost over by the time the next Tokyo Motor Show occurs. That will work only if Nissan launches the GT-R as a 2008 model year vehicle, but so far 2007 has been the year that echoes over and over again. 2007 makes more sense due to vehicle lifecycles, typically around four years. Automakers have pushed complete model changes (versus minor changes) to the five, six, and seven-year range to save money by cutting development and manufacturing costs. The 350z and G35 appeared in 2003. Fast forward four years and both vehicles will be in need of a facelift. That could mean that the next Z and G will be based on the same revised platform intended for the R. The wide-bodied and aero-clad G35 spotted on Nurburgring could be serving triple duty, running test for all three sports cars.

No matter what, the GT-R will rock hardcore. What you see on the cover is our take on a possible direction on the part of Nissan designers. We also have some extremely exclusive information on the Nissan supercar. Thatís worth a read, starting on page 34 with the new Nissan Concept Coupe. But there is more going on, take a look at this monthís feature cars, no less than seven rides you would kill to own. Whether you like pistons or rotaries, rear-drive, front or AWD, itís an eclectic mix of monsters.
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Love this article, different from the other. Wonder where I can buy it!!
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